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In the Shop department you will be able to find products produced by Soke David C. Cook 10th Dan such as instructional books and DVD's based on TSG-Kyokushin Karate, TSG-Combat Karate and TSG-Mix Fight covering all the systems that he's teaching.

The founder of the Tsu Shin Gen International Budo Association Soke David C. Cook 10th Dan has over 40 years experience of teaching Kyokushin Karate, Ashihara Karate, Ashihara International Karate and more recently his TSG- Combat Karate and TSG-Mix Fight. During this time he has studied in Japan and other countries under various Karate and more recently Grappling Masters. He also spent some time studying the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu at the Chinese Legation in London in the early nineteen seventies. From the very beginning he was very interested in improving his knowledge of Martial Arts and he did not allow himself to be confined by a style.

In his opinion Budo can be much more than just fighting arts. It can be a way of life or even a vehicle for understanding the purpose and meaning of life. During the long arduous hours of Budo training one goes through many physical and mental tests. These tests develop a strong character, because one is often forced to go beyond one’s own imagined limits.
As a student reaches a new grade or level, and has mastered one set of techniques, the next level is always waiting and requires more hard work and hardships. Just as in everyday life, when one has learned to cope with one set of problems a new and often more difficult set crops up.
The never ending effort to improve one’s techniques is what develops a strong “fighting spirit”. The fighting spirit attained by those who have trained Budo for many years, often helps them to overcome problems in life that would break the spirit of another person.

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